Game Description

Valorant is a first-person multiplayer game developed and released by Riot Games for free play. The project was first revealed in October 2019 under the code name Project A. It was launched on June 2, 2020, for Microsoft Windows. It was launched on April 7, 2020, with a closed beta.

Valorant is a tactical gunman and first person in the immediate future. Players take over agents. They are characters from several countries and societies across the globe.

Throughout the primary game mode, each squad of five members enters the attacking or defending side. Agents have unique strengths and use a cost-effective method to purchase their talents and weapons. The video game has some weapons, such as pistols, ammunition, explosives, automatic firearms, attack rifles, sniper rifles.

Each firearm has a reverse pattern so that the player can monitor to fire accurately. The offensive party has a gun, Spike, to be mounted in one position. If the attacking team protects and detonates the Spike successfully, they get one rating. The defending team earns a point, whether the Spike is effectively disabled or the 100 seconds round timer is elapsed. If all team leaders are excluded, one point is won by the losing side. The offensive team switches to the defensive team after 12 rounds and vice versa. The game wins the first team to complete the best of 24 games.

Valorant is close to Counter Strike: Valve’s Global Offensive with a couple of five teams attempting to drop the bomb and shoot the opponent.