Valorant: The Latest Esport Game in Town

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Valorant Viper Character
Valorant Viper Character

Gamers were excited when Riot Games announced their plans for the future on their 10th anniversary. Almost after 8 months of impatient waiting, the fans finally got to taste the first game on Riot’s Calander, Valorant. The game was previously known by its codename “Project A” and was released globally on June 2, 2020.

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer 5v5 team-based tactical first-person shooter game in which players take control of “agents” to either eliminate the opponent team or take control of the main objectives.

The game brings a whole new esport-level gameplay experience with a hint of some features of other popular esport games such as Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

First Day 1.7 Million Twitch Valorant Viewers

The game was extremely popular in the past few months, especially starting April as Riot announced its closed beta stage. The closed beta of the game was launched on April 7, 2020, and players could obtain a chance to try out the beta with a beta access key which was randomly dropped on Twitch streams of the game.

Valorant also currently stands as one of the most-watched games on the internet right now with thousands of famous and small content creators making content off of it. The game also created history on the first day of its beta launch as the game to have the second most concurrent viewers ever on Twitch with 1.7 million viewers only being second to League of Legends, yet another game from Riot Games.

Valorant Game Vulnerability Protection

The game also had a big controversy around its anti-cheat software weeks after its beta launch. The Riot’s brand-new anti-cheat software, “Vanguard” runs on a kernel driver which allows access to the computer system, and has raised privacy concerns with the users’ personal data. The matters were worsened as people started accusing the Chinese tech giant who owns Riot Games, Tencent of having shady things done before.

However, the developers addressed the issue denying the accusations and even introduced a bug bounty program. Thanks to this anti-cheat system, Riot has kept the banned players in the beta period out of the globally launched game, making a good environment for the player base. However, the topic has resurfaced and this time the accusations are for using the players’ PCs for bitcoin mining. We should be seeing a statement from Riot about that very soon as well.

New Valorant Game Updates and Modes Coming

The game was released on Korea, Japan, SEA, Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, CIS, North America, Latin America, and South America regions along with some brand-new content on June 2.

A new agent, Reyna, a new map, Ascent, and a new game mode, Spike Rush was introduced to the game with an event called Act 1: Ignition which features a premium pass and rewards.

Valorant devs also stated recently that they are not stopping at Spike Rush game mode and that they will come up with brand-new game modes to embrace the creative gameplay of the game. The next game-mode everyone can look forward to is a deathmatch-like mode and we should be expecting it in the next few months.

Image credits: Riot Games.

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  1. I just like there is a new competitive game, Overwatch didn’t have that much impact in the competitive world, for many CS:GO players there is a new opportunity to shine in tournaments, new talents in casting, hosting, and the game even is not really “done” yet, brings already so much quality 10/10

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