Valorant Heaven Map Guides: Callouts, Key Areas, and More

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Valorant Heaven Map
Valorant Heaven Map

For our team to win victory in Valorant, we must know the different maps on which we can play. One of them is Heaven map. It would help if you mastered it, so you can survive and prevent the enemy team from planting the spike or disabling ours.

The key areas of Point C in Heaven

The main characteristic point C is that it has three different points in which the Spike can be planted. It makes this location a little more difficult to defend on this map than on the others, giving a broader range of possible targets to attackers.

Point B is the easiest to defend since the attackers can only enter through the length of C. If they manage to finish off the teammate who is covering double doors, through the door on the left.

At this point, the ideal thing is to cover from the right wall where we find a large metal box that serves both to gain height and to cover us in case of need. Within the length of C, we see a Cubicle where attackers usually take refuge, which is essential to keep in mind when covering.

The key areas of Point B in Heaven

In the area of ​​B, which is located between point A and “double doors.” It is essential to play with the different heights offered by the various boxes and elevations of the space.

However, with some of them, we can only get on with the help of the Sage wall or with characters such as Raze, Jett, or Omen that allow us to make significant jumps or, failing that, teleport. We can also play with the wooden wall (usually called the Gong ) at the end of the room to cover ourselves and surprise the enemy when he enters.

From the attacking side to enter zone B, we can do it by the window or by double doors. Therefore, a good point to cover both entrances is the corner below the window, which gives us good vision and the advantage that the enemy does not wait for us.

The key areas of Point A in Heaven

Zone A can be accessed both long A or short A, plus the small corridor that connects B with A. It can be defended both from the upper window called Heaven (which is advisable to go with an Operator ), as well as from the lower cubicle, which is a kind of garage.

It is also interesting to cover long-A from the left corner of the Site since the enemies tend to enter facing forward and towards Heaven, and it is probable that they neglect their flanks. It will allow us to eliminate them from the round before they detect us.

To get to short-A, it is necessary to go through the so-called Alcantarillas previously if we go from the T side. An excellent place to cover this entrance is by going down the ramp to the right, next to the corner. With a shotgun from here, we can eliminate anyone who ventures to the point.

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