Valorant Bind Map Guides: Callouts, Key Areas, and More

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The Bind map is characterized by having two points where we can plant the Spike. Those are connected by long passageways riddled with angles and by portals.

Here, we detail what the Bind map of Valorant is about. We will discuss some key locations and tips to master it.

Bind Maps Callouts

We have to use our heads if we do not want the enemy team to know our position at all times. At Point A, we can enter from the defending side through two ways, Corridor or Ramp, which connects to the upper part from where we can cover the point, Heaven. Of course, snipers usually cover the area from Heaven because it allows them to clean the two possible entrances to the point, Baths and Short-A.

Another good location to cover this area is behind the pillar on the left. Here, we can have a view of both the portal and the entrance to Baños. There is also a small corridor that is commonly called Lamps that we must be especially vigilant since if the enemy manages to sneak in there, it can end up killing us from behind.

The Key areas of Point A in Bind

Just to the left of the Site A portal, we find A’s Cubicle. There are some boxes to which you can go up with both characters, such as Jett and the Sage wall. So, you have to prepare both in defense and in attack if we want to keep the crown.

Advancing towards zone T by Baños, we arrive at the exit of the long teleportal that connects by B. Just after leaving Point A, we arrive at “ links,” where we will have to check every angle at which there may be an enemy before advancing. Then we come to Corta de B, where we have both the exit of the short portal that connects to A and the access to Ventana.

The Key areas of Point B in Bind

Within Site B, it is essential to note the Laboratory, which is a long metal corridor that makes up one of the three possible entrances to point B. We also have the previously mentioned Window and Garden.

It is the third way to advance to point B and which connects with Larga de B and Vestibule, where there is a source behind which we can hide. Within Site B, you have to take into account both the container that is in the middle.

One of the critical points on this map is to use the portals with heads because they make a lot of noise and reveal our location on the map. The ideal action is whenever we have to rotate, we have to do it stealthily.

Otherwise, we are going to go to the opposite point of defending and do not give us time to arrive otherwise. You can also use the portals to mislead the enemy, play with time by staying an extra few seconds inside and surprise them afterward.

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