Valorant Ascent Map Guides: Locations And Tips

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Valorant Map Guides
Valorant Map Guides

As in any self-respecting shooter, one of the critical factors that determine victory and defeat in Valorant is the player’s ability to analyze the various situations he encounters. You should know how to adapt to them.

For this, it is essential to fully dominate the maps, since if we do not know which areas enemies can appear in and how to defend each position, it is very likely that we will end up getting shot in the back. Since the official release of the game, the community has focused on mastering the new Ascent map both in defense and attack. Players are baptizing the areas with names that are likely to change over time until they are established. For this reason, we bring you an analysis of the new Valorant Ascent map.

The Well-Known Calls in Ascent

The new Riot Games shooter map can be divided into three main parts: the B site, the middle, and the A-site. The one is appearing on the defender’s side (better known as CT). We will have on our right the B Site, within which we can differentiate the Back Site, Vegetables, and Pizza. All these names will help us when communicating with our team to give information about the situation of our rivals and ours.

In the middle area, we can locate some relevant positions, such as the bench on the left and bed in the right area. In the catwalk area, it is essential to dominating the angles to have an advantage when aiming at enemies. Top Mid is the highest part of this area of ​​the map.

The Area in Ascent

If we go to the area where we find a graffiti of a dog, we arrive at what is commonly called Corta de A, the shortest way to reach A Site. The alternative path is Larga A.

Inside the point of A, we find the Dark, Haven, and Window area, located to the right of Haven and which can be broken to cut off the short A area. For long A, the restaurant area and the ice cream, through which we can get to the point where attackers appear (or T Spawn).

From there, the area of ​​octopus graffiti is usually differentiated from Main B. It is the only way to enter B Site from the attackers’ side.

Defenders in Ascent

To defend the middle area, we can place ourselves in the bench and bed area. B’s area is usually protected with one or two players, taking into account that those who cover half are likely to have to rotate B quickly.

It is one of the most commonly attacked points by attackers. However, until we have located all the members of the attacking team, at least one defender must stay in the middle. So, the others do not have the opportunity to surprise us from behind.

An ideal weapon to defend the medium is Operator. It allows you to be safe and cover from a distance. In support of this position, it would be ideal for a short A companion to defend.

This new map is characterized by fast rotations and by the predominance of angles. Therefore, as in all maps, communication is essential for the proper functioning of the equipment. Besides, we must be practicing a little with our companions in custom games.

It will not take us long to master the map and its connections, which will prevent us from leaving flanks open and welcome the attack.

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