Using A Smudge Stick As A Last Resort When Hiding In Phasmophobia

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Using A Smudge Stick As A Last Resort

When hiding from a ghost during a hunt, it’s preferable to get into a closet or locker. However, if there are none nearby, you can slip into a nearby room and close the door. You can still hold normal doors closed. However, if the ghost decides they want to inspect the area, it will walk in regardless. That’s why it’s helpful to have one person light a smudge stick (the person holding the door) as soon as you hear the heartbeat that the ghost is within range. This pacifies the ghost for 5 seconds and allows you to find somewhere else to hide (it does not stop a hunt unless the hunt is almost over anyway).

Phasmophobia Beta Change: Fuse Box
Phasmophobia Beta Change: Placing Candles
Phasmophobia Beta Change: The Whiteboard On Professional Difficulty
Phasmophobia Beta Change: Ghosts Can Now Open Doors During A Hunt
Phasmophobia Beta Change: Ghosts Can Hear You When Hunting
Phasmophobia Beta Change: Removed The Temperature Objective
Phasmophobia Beta Change: Reduced Speed That Ghosts Can Lower The Temperature
Phasmophobia Beta Changes: Improvement To The Parabolic Microphone
Phasmophobia Beta Changes: Improved Ghost’s Pathfinding
Phasmophobia Beta Changes: All Rooms Start With Slightly Different Temperatures

Phasmophobia Journal: Entry Six

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