Two Point Hospital Culture Shock Review

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Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock came just in time for Spooooooky mode.

It wouldn’t be a hospital without adding a bit of creepiness, now would it?

It seems Two Point Country was in the midst of a crisis. However, it’s not the type of crisis you would assume. It’s a crisis of culture!

Really? Did you expect a game like Two Point Hospital to have a legitimate medical crisis?

Some of the new illnesses (of the 36 total) added from Culture Shock include:

  • Stunt double
  • Culture shock
  • Director’s gut
  • Wardrobe malfunction
  • Writer’s block

Yes, it’s all completely ridiculous, and almost half of them are visual illnesses too! Two Point Hospital has always had psychiatric illnesses, but Culture Shock really brings to light the illnesses of the mind.

Three New Hospitals

There are three new hospitals with Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock:

  • Plywood Studios
  • Mudbury Festival
  • Fitzpocket Academy

Plywood Studios introduces a new feature where you’re gifted with the presence of Roderick Cushion, an actor who plays a doctor, to do what he can to help. Imagine the shenanigans that can ensue. You’ll have to watch for the hot temperature mechanic by focusing on air conditioning. They could have done a better job of introducing new goals for the hospital, but it’s still interesting nonetheless.

Mudbury Festival takes place in the middle of a growing festival where you must diagnose and treat your patients. It’s difficult to conceptualize a layout without walls, but the constant wave challenges keep the map interesting (and tough to three-star).

Fitzpocket Academy is one of the most challenging hospitals you’ll encounter in all of Two Point Hospital. While the Toy Soldiers room is hilarious, it’s difficult to bring in income unless you dedicate a section of the hospital to research. That’s where the bulk of the money comes in.

New Items

Culture Shock introduces many new items, but they’re mostly aesthetic, but they will help bring up your hospital’s prestige and attractiveness, but you might find yourself using the ones that increase different stats to your hospital.

Some of the new items include:

  • Zombie poster
  • Clapperboard
  • Fancy food machine
  • Boom box
  • Shark art
  • Fake fan
  • Soiled self poster

Overall, Culture Shock is one of the strongest Two Point Hospital DLCs to date, and we strongly recommend picking it up when you can.

Score: 9/10

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