Twitter Reactions To Omori Releasing Soon

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Twitter Reactions To Omori Releasing Soon

The wait for Omori has been so long that we were promised a Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita version of the game from their Kickstarter. Omori was promised about six years ago and we had thought we were going to get our hands on it in 2015. However, development for the game went dark and we waited five long years to get to this point. Of course, those who remembered the game existed reacting accordingly on Twitter.

For a six-year wait, we don’t blame you for an all caps tweet.

Even talented artists are weighing in with their own pixel art to celebrate.

Some are spitting out their cereal.

Others are calling themselves out.

Are you excited to finally get your hands on this retro horror title?

Omori’s release date is 12.25.20.

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