Twitter Predictions For The Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase

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Twitter Predictions For The Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase

The Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account posted a tweet asking for predictions for the upcoming FFXIV Announcement Showcase. Of course, the Final Fantasy XIV community (as any community would, and should) dropped its extensive wishlists of stuff they want to see in the game. Some of these are obvious, some are probable, others will clearly never happen in a million years unless that specific person takes over Yoshi-P’s seat through an internal coup. Let’s take a look at some of Twitter’s predictions for the FFXIV Announcement Showcase.

The Xbox Port

This one doesn’t need as much speculation since it’ll happen sooner than later. Yoshi-P has already confirmed it’s something they want, but it’s a matter of how they’ll pull it off.

Beastmaster And A Trip To Sharlayan

A lot of people are guessing Beastmaster as the new job coming in 6.0. Whether it’ll be a limited-job like Blue Mage is still up in the air, but it’s nice knowing it will most likely be in the game. There are multiple people guessing we’ll finally get to visit Sharlayan.

Male Viera/Female Hrothgar

It’s only a matter of time until this happens. However, some think the resources needed to pull this off might be more than they have due to the pandemic, but we’ll see it eventually.

A Butt Slider

Not happening. We’ve begged for this for years. Our hopes have since been dashed. If they ever announce it, be ready for the internet to go ballistic.

More Inventory Space

Even with the multitude of places we can store or turn in items, we’re still struggling for inventory space. It’s time to manifest some more inventory space.

What are you hoping to see come from the FFXIV Showcase?

When Is The FFXIV Announcement Showcase?

Final Fantasy XIV Annoucement Showcase

Here are the times for the FFXIV Announcement Showcase

Friday, Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m. (PT) / 8:30 p.m. (ET)

Saturday, 6 Feb. at 1:30 (GMT) Don’t forget there is a Letter From The Producer LIVE shortly afterward:

The Final Fantasy XIV Letter From The Producer

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