Tormented Souls Released Date and Storyline

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Tormented Souls Release Date and Storyline
Tormented Souls Release Date and Storyline

Developers Dual Effect and Abstract and publisher Digital PQube today announced a new survival horror: Tormented Souls. It is a video game that will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam throughout 2021.

The developer has also shared a trailer in English. At the moment, it seems that it will not be translated into other languages yet. The trailer allows us to see parts of its gameplay, tone, and cinematics.

Tormented Souls seeks direct inspiration from the classic Resident Evil, Silent Hill 2, and the Alone in the Dark series. It does not hide that its sources of reference are them.

It is clearly perceived which aspects this influence affects: its fixed camera shots, its dark settings in overloaded rooms, its grotesque beings, and its contextual puzzles are reminiscent of both mythical franchises of survival horror.

Tormented Souls Storyline

The protagonist of this chilling story is Caroline Walker. She is a researcher who travels to the town of Winterlake to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of two twin sisters.

While touring a strange mansion looking for clues, something terrible happens to her. She wakes up in the middle of the night, naked in a bathtub with a tube inserted through her mouth that connects her to a rusty medical control team.

From that bathtub, she will have to tour the house while fighting for his life. This is where Tormented Souls promises a modern twist on the classic game proposal.

The game always maintains the roots of the story so that fans are comfortable revisiting the fundamentals of the genre.

It will also have a combat system by pointing weapons, puzzles integrated into the scenarios, and survival sections for which we will have to make use of the objects that we find throughout the mansion.

The story takes place in the South of Chile, in Chiloé. It is a village where the missing sisters that we look for in the game resided. Two other main characters are also added to the cast. There is a detective who follows the trail of a mysterious case, and the insane, Williams Wildberger, owner of the mansion that Caroline is exploring who seems to be the villain on duty.

The touch of grace will be the mirrors: Tormented Souls will have an interdimensional system that will allow Caroline Walker to jump to another dimension. It is something you can use to take advantage of some situations to escape, finish puzzles, combat or progress in general.

Presented for Windows and Consoles in 2021

According to its developers, we face a reinterpretation of the traditional survival horror genre that builds on comparisons of the 1990s. It gives a glimpse of what a terrifying escape should be now.

It brings us to the very degree that it bets on some parts on set aircraft, spatial mysteries of all sorts, and grotesque monsters that haunt us on huge claustrophobic settings.

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