Top Valorant Agents: S to C Character Tier List

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Top Valorant Agents
Top Valorant Agents

Valorant has reached its launch day with up to 11 agents available for players to unlock and eventually find the character they are most comfortable with. Each one has its own particular skills, which are adjusted with the arrival of each patch.

For this reason, they are placed in a Tier List ranging from S to C range. Below, we leave you an ordered and updated list currently led by Sage.

The Best Tier S Valorant Agents


Currently, the only agent at the top of the Tier list with an S rank is Sage. Because of his skills and his ultimate healing of resurrection, it is one essential added any team seeking to achieve victory. She belongs to the sentinel class and is an expert in defense and healing, so when taking her, we must coordinate with the rest of the team to block areas and monitor the flanks both in defense and attack rounds.

The Best Tier A Valorant Agents


He belongs to the Initiator class and focuses on using unusual angles to help his team in crucial territories on each of the maps. As such, he is a very offensively focused agent who can use explosive charges and other confusing abilities on the enemy team, such as blinding charges to allow our team to advance and clear an area of ​​opponents.


This agent is part of the controller class and has various abilities that allow him to drop bombs and smoke screens wherever they want by deploying their own map. Therefore, we will be able to finish our enemies off and get an excellent move.


Another sentry, considered one of the best agents in the game due to the traps he can set to control the area, such as security cameras to detect enemies and trap cables. Thanks to this, the ulti allows you to recognize the entire opposing team regardless of their position on the map. It is a very suitable addition to the team if we know how to control their abilities well.


Belonging to the initiator class, Sova has various tools such as a controllable drone that allows you to mark the enemies you touch by throwing a dart at them. Besides, it has other enemy marking skills such as a sound emitter and a kind of electric arrow that causes area damage to enemies, so it is ideal to launch it in the corners so that they do not surprise us at the last minute. His ulti is to launch three deadly energy blasts that can kill the enemies if they reach them (something simple, since they pass through the walls).

The Best Tier B Valorant Agents


She is a duelist who has very agile mobility. It allows her to score several murders of her own by combining firearms with her own abilities. For starters, it casts a mist that obstructs opponents’ vision, and you can use a movement that generates a small whirlwind to propel yourself and advance across the map, in addition to a dash. His ulti creates a series of knives that we can throw at enemies (always aim at the head ) to finish them off quickly and be able to regenerate them.


She is another duelist who masters the use of explosive weapons and is therefore very useful when facing groups of gathered enemies. For starters, we can throw an explosive bale that sticks to surfaces and can be used to make a big jump of its own or to shoot at enemies. It also has a cluster grenade that is subdivided and does great area damage. Its ulti is to equip itself with a rocket launcher, something quite destructive, and if we succeed, it will destroy our adversaries.


The new addition to Valorant with the arrival of patch 1.0 of the game is the Mexican duelist Reyna, who is an expert in 1vs1 combats with great direct offensive power. Her abilities make her somewhat tricky to master since we must be intelligent to take advantage of “Empress.” It is the tactic that allows her to become invisible for a short period. She can also be healed by picking up the Soul Orbs dropped by slain enemies (for 3s), something that makes her a perfect assassin.


She is a duelist who stands out for his incendiary combat style that fills the battlefield with fire. Using his abilities, he can launch flammable balls, create a wall of fire that damages enemies and blocks vision, and blinds opponents with a curved flame. As for his ulti, he can be resurrected if he dies for the duration of the ability or when it is about to expire.


The mysterious Omen is a controller who can hunt his opponents from the shadows, in addition to dematerializing and teleporting at close range. You can also launch an orb that explodes and serves as a barrier to hide. In addition, you can use his useful ulti to select any player on the map and teleport there. If he dies using it, he returns to the original zone, so he has another chance.

The Best Tier C Valorant Agents


Toxic Viper is the one currently lower on the Tier list. As impressive as her abilities are, she is highly focused on performing poisonous area damage regardless of the consequences. It is something that can harm the team itself if not used correctly. In addition to her ulti, she can launches projectiles that explode and generate area damage from acid and creates a long line of toxic gas.

Valorant Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Valorant agent should I choose?

    If your looking for supporting en helping other players your best choice is the Valorant agent Sova.

  2. Can Valorant run on Mac?

    No. There is no official Valorant version that is running on a Mac operating system.

  3. Can Valorant run on Windows 7?

    Yes. You can run Valorant on a Windows 7 PC.

  4. Will Valorant be on NVIDIA GeForce Now?

    No. Riot Games has yet no plans to enable Valorant on the NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud-based game streaming service.

  5. Will Valorant be available on Xbox One?

    Maybe. Riot Games has no plans for Valorant Xbox One version yet. Maybe in the near future.

  6. How much GB is Valorant on PC?

    7.3GB is the size of the Valorant download file.

  7. Where can I download Valorant?

    From the Riot’s official website you can download Valorant and start playing.

  8. When is Valorant coming to PS4, PS5?

    Currently there is no Valorant version available for the PS4 or PS5 nor a release date published.

  9. What is a good FPS for Valorant?

    100 FPS will give you an very good game experience.

Image credit: Riot Games.

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  1. Most people have a main and they just play it and spam it but the best thing is to have a couple that you can master so you can compliment your team, I love Brimm to help and if nobody is the entry I play Reyna which is THE BEST! Can’t wait for the new characters, I’ve heard there are 2 more coming!

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