Top Rapid Fire Among Us Tips to Winning as an Impostor

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Top Rapid Fire Tips to Winning as an Impostor
Top Rapid Fire Tips to Winning as an Impostor

Being an Impostor in Among Us can be a lot of fun but it also puts you in a precarious situation. Not only are you outnumbered but also you’ve got a lot of tools at your disposal. It can be tough getting to grips with all the options you have at your disposal for messing with the Crewmates until you get the Victory screen.

In a previous article , we unveiled the core tips that’ll make you the sneakiest Impostor on the block. With the following rapid-fire tips, you’ll ascend to a whole new level Impostor-hood.

Avoid Unnecessary Venting

Vents are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they’re your safe ticket out of Busted Ville after you’ve downed a Crewmate. On the other, they can get you caught if you’re not careful. It’s tempting to use vents as a way to move around the map quickly but don’t overdo it. Use them only after you’ve performed a kill and only when you’re quite sure of everyone’s whereabouts.

Don’t Self-Report Much

Killing and then immediately reporting the bloody mess you’ve created sounds like a sneaky strategy to earn the Crewmates’ trusts but don’t do this. Questions are going to be asked and the way you answer could raise red flags. Use this tactic sparingly and do so only after you’ve moved out and back into the room.

Do Your To-Dos

Newbie Impostors have a tendency to walk around aimlessly like headless chickens. Or worse, they start following Crewmates in a bid to look like they’re doing the buddy system. This is a surefire way to find yourself on everyone’s sus radars. You’ve got a to-do list of your own. Go pretend like you’re doing it. In fact, take it a step further and follow the order we advise[1]  Crewmates to follow for their tasks. That way you’ll have good arguments for why you shouldn’t be suspected.

Red Means Caught

Crewmates have an invaluable tool at their disposal. There are security cameras across the different maps and they can be used to see what’s going on in the different rooms. The way to tell if these cameras are being manned is to check if their red light is on. If you see red, then make nobody dead. Be sure to make it a habit to check for these lights every time you enter a room with a camera.

Shut The Doors

Before killing some lonely and defenceless Crewmate in a room with a vent, shut the doors. Even for the swiftest of Impostors, killing and immediately venting can take a good few seconds during which you could get caught red-handed. This should buy you enough time to do the deed and disappear into the vents.

Always Be Sabotaging

Sabotage is an extremely versatile tool in the Among Us Impostor’s toolbox. It can be used to assist with kills, such as turning off the lights. You can also use it to divert a large group away from your location after you’ve downed a Crewmate. One of the best uses, however, is to demonstrate your “innocence” by pretending you’re fixing the issue. We’ve got more deception tips in another article[1] .

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