Today I Learned: Seymour Is Not A Respected Final Fantasy Villain

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Today I Learned Seymour Is Not A Respected Final Fantasy Villain
Today I Learned Seymour Is Not A Respected Final Fantasy Villain

I always thought myself to be a fan of the Final Fantasy series. I don’t consider myself a hardcore fan. My first Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy VIII when I was ten years old, and I somehow made it to the second disc without figuring out what the junction system was. Yes, believe it or not, I made it well past Dollet into disc 2 with only “attack.” Don’t ask me how I did it.

Final Fantasy X Was My Next Final Fantasy

I was a couple of years older when Final Fantasy X came out. However, it was only my second Final Fantasy game. Don’t kill me but, I skipped over Final Fantasy IX and had no interest in Final Fantasy VII, but for some reason (from what I remember), I enjoyed Tactics. I remember the opening cutscene for Final Fantasy X being the coolest thing since sliced bread at the time. The fact that the game had voice-acting and relatively normal body movements in cutscenes hooked me.

Final Fantasy X Besaid Island

I remember how beautiful I thought Besaid Island was as a kid. In fact, I hold firm in my belief that the island is still beautiful to this day. The colorful environments, characters, and their goofy-looking outfits, really hooked me into Final Fantasy X.

There Was A Lot I Don’t Remember

I know there’s a remastered HD version of the Final Fantasy X series, but I never had time to play it. I purchased it on sale for my PlayStation 4, but it’s collecting dust on my shelf with the rest of my video game backlog while I’m forced against my will to write for hot new AAA titles. That’s why I appreciate the time I have to sit down and reminisce about a better time in my life.

There is a lot we don’t remember as kids. Some prodigies might graduate college at the age of nine or remember exactly what they ate for dinner on December 12th, 2001, but there’s a lot I don’t remember from Final Fantasy X. I got the overall gist of the story. Summoners were meant to die in a morbid ritual, Tidus was a dream, and his father was a giant flying whale no one seemed to know how to beat. Like most kids at the time, I was mostly focused on how awesome Auron was.

I Really Thought Seymour Was A Fine Villain

Yesterday, I wanted to put out one of those “One Has To Go” tweets, and I thought adding Seymour was a decent choice because my memory of Seymour was the insanely annoying Seymour Flux fight.

However, I quickly learned that “a hard boss fight” doesn’t necessarily translate into a well-rounded villain. In fact, what I took from this tweet yesterday was Seymour doesn’t hold a candle to the other villains I listed:

I never played the original Final Fantasy VII, so I never got the full experience of knowing Sephiroth. I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, played the remake, and was generally aware of how respected Sephiroth was as a villain, so I felt he was iconic enough to add.

I’m invested in Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers expansion enough to know Emet-Selch deserves a mention as one of the most iconic villains of the Final Fantasy franchise, even though he’s one of the newer ones (and some can’t afford to subscribe to the MMO).

Like Sephiroth, I never played Final Fantasy VI, so my exposure to Kefka was limited to Dissidia, his raid fight in Final Fantasy XIV, and his general reputation in the Final Fantasy community. However, I don’t remember too much about Final Fantasy VIII’s baddies, and the only other villain I could think of was Seymour, so I assumed adding him would make this a difficult choice.

Boy, was I wrong. While some didn’t know who Emet-Selch was, or were annoyed by Sephiroth’s overexposure to the Final Fantasy series, the general consensus was: Yeet Seymour into space.

We know Twitter would vote Seymour off the island immediately, but for hardcore Final Fantasy fans, which villain could I have put there to make it a harder choice?

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