There’s No Place Like Home – Surviving The Aftermath Early Release

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There’s No Place Like Home - Surviving The Aftermath Early Release
There’s No Place Like Home - Surviving The Aftermath Early Release

There’s nothing like creating something from nothing. Everyone loves building games where they collect resources, defend their homes, and battle for supremacy. However, those games are mostly set in history we as a species have already experienced. Surviving The Aftermath, a civilization-building game by Iceflake Studios and Paradox Interactive, is bringing us to a devastating future. A future that could be a very real possibility.

What is Surviving The Aftermath?

Surviving The Aftermath has been in development for some time. However, Iceflake Studios, the developer behind the game, and the publisher, Paradox Interactive, has decided it’s time to release the game in its early access phase. They released Surviving The Aftermath’s early access launch trailer.

  • A catastrophic event has led survivors to band together to rebuild a colony.
  • The world is procedurally generated and isn’t immune to natural disasters, dangerous creatures, and other humans detrimental to your colony’s success.
  • Work with over 80 unique specialists trained to do everything from warding off bandits to collecting supplies.
  • Every decision you make matters, as your response to various situations will affect your growing colony.
  • Keep your gates strong against those who wish to see the fall of any emerging civilization.

Are There Any New Features With The Early Access Build Of Surviving The Aftermath?

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise, with any early access game, that content might be lacking on top of a mountain of bugs and other issues. However, many players are understandable as an early access build is not the game’s full release. The early access build of Surviving The Aftermath comes with some new features:

  • Chained events give players an incentive to leave the colony and explore the apocalyptic wasteland.
  • The world was filled in a little more with more points of interest, from scavenging points to hazardous locations.
  • An updated combat system makes fighting off bandits more thrilling.
  • Every building now has an overlay to show everything from its health to its energy use.

Check out Surviving The Aftermath’s early access build on Steam today.

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