The Xbox Series X Box Art Is Here!

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The Xbox Series X Box Art Is Here!
The Xbox Series X Box Art Is Here!

Right now, Microsoft is slightly edging out Sony in the next-generation console war. While Sony is staying relatively quiet on their front, Microsoft’s hand was forced after a series of leaks forced them to start releasing everything from their digital-only console to their consoles’ price. Now, it looks like the Xbox Series X box art is here, and it looks amazing.

The Xbox Series X had long been the subject of internet memes when Microsoft debuted a system that looked suspiciously like a miniature refrigerator. Gamers worldwide took the opportunity to make Microsoft aware that the Xbox Series X looks like it couldn’t fit in the average entertainment center. However, the look has grown on many, specifically those who are already anxiously awaiting the arrival of Microsoft’s next-generation system.

While the Xbox Series S, the digital-only next-generation Xbox, doesn’t have its own box art yet, it’s already had a few internet memes thrown around due to its striking resemblance to speakers. There are already some replicas out there for some reviewers to see how they will fit these systems near their televisions. Surprisingly, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are smaller than many initially believed. This is further compounded by how much smaller the main system looks on the Xbox Series X box art. The color scheme on the Xbox Series X brings us back to the original Xbox days with the green and black aesthetic. This will definitely be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who have been with Microsoft’s Xbox since the beginning. 

While we don’t have the box art yet for the Xbox Series S, we’ll have to settle for the sleek design of the Xbox Series X box art for now. However, if the Xbox Series X box art is any indication, the Xbox Series S art should look just as smooth. What are you initial reactions to the new Xbox Series X box art?

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  1. This is some really cool box art for the Xbox Series X! It looks awesome, the unboxing will feel great. I hope the Xbox Series S looks as good as this one.

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