The Sequel To The Wonderful 101 Would Be Bigger and Better For Us

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The Wonderful 101 Video Game Sequel
The Wonderful 101 Video Game Sequel

It is not the first time that Platinum Games has spoken about the possibility of seeing a sequel to The Wonderful 101. Now that the title has been released on new platforms with enough success, the plans could indeed go even further.

It’s no secret that Platinum Games has wanted to make a sequel for a while, and it’s likely to end up happening very soon. But if such a thing happens, what prism would it have?

Speaking to GameXplain in a YouTube video interview, producer Atsushi Inaba and director Hideki Kamiya embrace the issue by imagining how they would encompass the development of a new TW101. And we anticipate that it is more ambitious than it seems.

How The Wonderful 101 Sequel Looks Like

PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba and director Hideki Kamiya have confirmed in a recent meeting with GameXplain that the company is open to the idea of ​​offering a “bigger and better” sequel than the first game. These are the statements they have provided, where Kamiya acknowledges that the concept of ​​a sequel is a little scary:

“It scares me to imagine if we would meet our expectations.”

Hideki Kamiya

“There is not a single moment when I did not want to make a sequel to this game,” says Inaba. “If you are going to do a sequel, you always have to aim for something bigger and better, can we do it? We think there is a lot of content and a lot of quality in the original. Right now, we believe it would be cool if it ever happened. It was all a challenge. “

Kamiya supports his partner’s words: “In games I’ve done in the past, I’ve tended to adjust the size of the game, the scale, up to say ten; and then as time goes by throughout development, suddenly that ten becomes eleven, and then twelve, then thirteen, then fourteen… I think that’s the way it was with Wonderful 101, and I feel like as Inaba-san says, we would have to aim, you know, bigger and better for the next one. that when I think about the word sequel, and I think about the size we ended up within the original, I am a little scared to imagine if we would get out of the mess we’ve got ourselves into. “

Whether there is a new TW101 on the way or not, the truth is that right now, Platinum Games has a good list of pending tasks. It starts with that promising Bayonetta 3 that we do not know anything about until today. But that according to Kamiya, it is progressing well.

The Latest Wonderful 1010 Update

A few days ago, Platinum Games already released update 1.0.2 of the current game Wonderful 101: Remastered. We leave you with the details below:

  • Changes in the evaluation system at the end of each operation, it is now easier to get higher scores at the end of the level.
  • In some minigames of the different levels, the order of the screens has been changed (in which in the Wii U version, the gamepad was necessary) to make them easier to play.
  • On the operation selection screen, the secondary display will appear automatically.

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  1. I would love to see a sequel to The Wonderful 101. The Wonderful 101 itself is a hidden gem, extremely underrated. It’s a shame it never really got the attention it deserved.

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