The Second Week Of October: Two Exciting Gaming Releases

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Games Coming Out 2nd Week of October
Games Coming Out 2nd Week of October

The second week of October is coming, and we still need a good distraction from the world’s current events. Fortunately, many good video games are coming out in October, and the second week looks to bring some exciting titles.


Another year, another FIFA. FIFA 21, despite its number, is the 28th FIFA game in the series. The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles will enjoy playing with some new names to the FIFA series from Bastian Schweinsteiger to Eric Cantona. These names will show up in FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team mode that will also include co-op gameplay. Next-generation console players will be happy that FIFA 21 will see an upgraded version for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. FIFA 21 is only one of the exciting video games coming out in October. FIFA 21 releases on October 6th.

Ride 4

There aren’t a lot of motorcycle games in video game history. Motorcycle games appeal to a niche market that truly enjoys racing around dozens of tracks in almost photorealism with high-powered, officially licensed motorcycles. Gamers will get to customize everything from their rider’s outfit to their bike’s aesthetic. Best of all, these designs can be shared with the Ride 4 community. The career mode in Ride 4 has been redesigned to include some of the most immersive progression gamers have ever seen in a racing game. If gamers want a real challenge, they’ll get to experience the physicians and the aesthetic of racing through any time of the day under any weather. It’s a true test to see how gamers can handle the unpredictability of different weather conditions. Ride 4 will release on October 8th for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Games in the second week of October are dedicated to sports and racing, so they’re for a smaller market. However, they are a great addition to exciting video games coming out in October.

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