The Sad And Stab Combo In Omori

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The Sad And Stab Combo In Omori
The Sad And Stab Combo In Omori

The sad and stab combo in Omori is one of the most devastating combinations to opponents in the game. This is especially true for opponents who have a higher defense as this combination completely ignores defense to score a critical hit, but how do you do the sad and stab combo in Omori?

Understanding The Emotion System

Omori Game Game Emotional System

The sad and stab combo is one you get relatively early in Omori. However, you need to understand how the emotion system in Omori works if you want it to be the most effective.

  • Omori needs to be sad for his stab ability to ignore defense.
  • The opponent needs to be happy for it to be a moving hit.
  • Omori will take a small speed loss when he is sad, but his defense increases.
  • Omori will take damage to both his heart and juice if he’s targeted with an attack.

How To Use The Sad And Stab Combo

Omori Game Guide Make Omori Sad

The first thing you would do to perform the sad and stab combo is to make Omori sad. You can accomplish this by using an item like a poetry book or rain cloud. Keep in mind that the rain cloud will make everyone sad, but it’s a great item to use if facing a boss that makes itself happy.

Omori Game Guide Inflicts SAD On A Friend Or Foe

It’s also possible to use Omori’s ability “sad poem” to make himself sad. However, with only four ability slots, that spot is best reserved for Omori’s other devastating abilities.

Once Omori is sad, that’s when you make the enemy happy using Aubrey’s pep talk or an item that inflicts “happy” on an opponent. Once you have this combination ready, that’s when you can start hitting moving critical damage to make short work of an enemy. Keep in mind, stab costs a whopping 13 juice, so keep Omori juiced up with items or abilities.

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