The ‘Pokemon Sword And Shield’ DLC Confirms New Legends And Release Dates

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield passes
Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield passes

The Sword and Shield Pokémon DLC  are just around the corner. While the first part of these expansions, which extend the history of the Nintendo Switch game, it will arrive on June 17.

Nintendo has confirmed that the second will launch in the fall of this year. The pack of both can be purchased now for 29.99 dollars in the console’s online store.

Game Freak has shown this Tuesday a new trailer that has revealed not only the release date of the second part but also all the content and additions that will include.

The Armor Island

The armor island expands the Pokédex with some creatures from previous generations. Besides, as already announced, there will be another new Pokémon, Kubfu, on which the story will revolve.

Its evolution,  Urshifu, will have two styles, the Rough (Fighting and Sinister type) and the Fluid (Fighting and Water), both with Gigamax form for combat.

An extensive list of regional forms of Galar will include a new one, the evolution of Slowpoke (which has already been announced and is available), Slowbro, which changes from being of the Water and Psychic-type to Poison and Psychic.

Venusaur and Blastoise will receive a Gigamax form. Thus they are joining their companion Charizard. Similarly, the Gigamax forms of the three initials for Pokemon Sword and Shield. There will be Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon.

Besides, The Armor Island will include a new mechanic, the Maxisopa. With this dish, some Pokémon can be Gigamaxize, as long as the creature has a Gigamax shape available. Otherwise, it could Dinamaxize.

Also, this first DLC includes new skins and designs for the characters and the bike. The protagonists will be able to buy new clothes or choose different haircuts, in addition to a special uniform.

The snows of the crown

The second DLC will arrive in the fall. It also expands Pokédex with creatures from previous generations. Besides, it includes the new legendary Calyrex, of Psychic and Plant type, on which the story will revolve.

Some of the new monsters that will arrive will be the legendary ones from other games. You can capture them in the different nests of The Snows in the Crown. Also, there will be two other new Legendary Pokémon from the Regis family: Regieleki (Electric type) and Regidrago (Dragon-type).

As Nintendo has already shown, the three legendary birds of Pokémon Red and Blue will have their own Galar shape with completely renewed and surprising aspects. Articuno will be a Psychic and Flying-type; Zapdos will be Fight and Voldador, and Moltres will be Sinister and Flying.

In addition, the second DLC also brings new mechanics such as the Dinamax Adventure. Using this, you can go in search of nests with the help of up to eight players, and the Galar Stars Tournament. With this, you will fight against the strongest coaches of the region.

And, just like in the first part, new clothing items, uniforms, and hairstyles will be included. This addition will allow the player to even dress like other characters in the game.

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