The Phasmophobia Candle Is Not As Bright As It Used To Be

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The Phasmophobia Candle Is Not As Bright As It Used To Be

The Phasmophobia candle was perfect for lighting your way through the darkness of haunted locations while preserving your sanity. Now, you have to decide whether you should bring a flashlight with you or use your third item slot to hold another piece of equipment if you happen to locate the ghost room. If you’re playing solo and want to preserve your sanity, you should use the candle, so here are some tips for using the candle in Phasmophobia.

The Candle In Phasmophobia Isn’t As Bright Anymore

The Phasmophobia Candle Isn't Bright Anymore

Candles aren’t meant to illuminate your way through entire maps like they did before in Phasmophobia. Before, you could press the candle against the wall and it could light your way down an entire Asylum hallway. Now, you can barely see in front of you in a Bleasdale Farmhouse hallway.

You’re Relying On Sounds

The Phasmophobia Candle to preserve your sanity

If you’re playing solo on Phasmophobia and using the candle to preserve your sanity, you’re mainly relying on sounds. You have to listen for doors opening, items being thrown, or the sounds of footsteps. On a small map, you can possibly find the general location of the ghost and still be well above 95% sanity.

Take A Flashlight

The Phasmophobia Candle and the Flashlight

If you’re not too concerned about not having a piece of equipment to find evidence right away, then you can bring a flashlight for light. It might sound redundant needing a flashlight when you have a candle as a light source, but you can easily see items on the ground or open doors as you’re working your way through larger maps.

The candle in Phasmophobia isn’t as bright as it used to be, but it’s just as effective in maintaining your sanity.

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