The Outer Worlds’ First DLC Drops In September

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The Outer Worlds’ First DLC Drops In September
The Outer Worlds’ First DLC Drops In September

The Outer Worlds was released in 2019, ushering in an action-roleplaying experience from the same studio that brought gamers the much-beloved Fallout: New Vegas. It’s not surprising that Obsidian Entertainment, the developers behind The Outer Worlds, didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken. That’s why playing The Outer Worlds seems similar to playing Fallout in terms of roleplaying experience.

What was really surprising about The Outer Worlds was how relatively bug-free the whole experience was. Fallout: New Vegas was one of the most substantial entries into the Fallout series, but it was riddled with bugs. The gameplay and story played very smoothly with relatively little to no noticeable glitches. Even the first-person aspect of The Outer Worlds shared a time-slowing ability to make it easier to target enemies.

The Outer Worlds – Announcement Trailer | PS4

However, unlike Fallout’s massive open-world maps, The Outer Worlds was split into smaller maps. That means there’s not too much to discover between quests, but it had to differ from Fallout in some regard. It is fun exploring other planets with amazing graphics and weapons. Unfortunately, the game a little shorter than people would have liked. While Fallout: New Vegas enjoyed over a hundred hours of gameplay, Obsidian Entertainment didn’t put much more than twenty hours of gameplay into The Outer Worlds. Fortunately, the game’s first DLC, The Peril On Gorgon, will arrive for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 9th. Many players have been waiting almost a year for another DLC because many of them finished the main game within a week. Obsidian Entertainment also teased a few of the planets if you look at the overworld map because they are not accessible. It seems like The Peril On Gorgon will unlock one or two of these locations.

However, those looking for a DLC with hundreds of hours of additional content may be disappointed to know that Peril On Gorgon is just one large sidequest. Players will find out the truth about what happened on an abandoned asteroid mining outpost. Hopefully, Gorgon opens more than one planet since the open-world of The Outer Worlds is limited. It’s obvious, with the number of still inaccessible planets, that there are more expansions planned out for The Outer Worlds. There does need to be some content updates in between to keep players playing the game in between downloadable content.

At least Peril On Gorgon will bring in new armor and weapons to add to The Outer Worlds’ roleplaying experience. The level cap will also be raised to 33 with some new skills added. The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon looks like it will only sell for about $14.99.

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