The Most Exciting Title From Tinybuild’s Shocktober Special Roundup

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The Most Exciting Title From Tinybuild’s Shocktober Special Roundup
The Most Exciting Title From Tinybuild’s Shocktober Special Roundup

For a small indie game studio based out of Seattle, tinyBuild is doing well for itself and recently live streamed their own little virtual event where they announced some new games.

It wasn’t exactly E3 online or Nintendo Direct, but tinyBuild’s Shocktober special had some interesting-looking games such as Hello Puppets VR and Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. While tinyBuild’s lineup looked interesting, to say the least, one title really stuck out as the most interesting: Startup Panic.

What Is Startup Panic?

Startup Panic is everyone’s dream to rise to success as a video game programmer. Work out of the comfort of your bedroom as you work your way up to success.

Of course, like any startup, it isn’t going to be an easy rise to the top. Startup Panic might simplify the startup process into a cute pixelated world, but there’s more to focus on than having your character sit at a computer typing their life away at risk of carpal tunnel.

What Can You Do In Startup Panic?

The developers, tinyBuild, made Startup Panic look similar to our old favorites like Tiny Tower or Habbo Hotel. The announcement trailer for Startup Panic makes the game look like a colorful and fun simulator free of negativity.

Of course, even in a small pixelated world, everything is not as it seems. Creating your empire in Startup Panic will surely gather the attention of rival CEOs who have a trick or two up their sleeve. Who knew forming a startup could put you at risk for a kidnapping? Also, money doesn’t come free either. You will need to expand your empire by searching for investors or taking out a loan as you scratch and claw your way up the corporate ladder.

The Demo for Startup Panic is available now, and the full game looks to release sometime in 2020. 

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