The Medium Launch Times

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The Medium Launch Times
The Medium Launch Times

If you’ve preloaded The Medium game for your PC or Xbox Series X/S, waited until midnight your time, but still don’t see the game, then it’s not exactly releasing at 12:00 AM Midnight your time; you’ll need to check the launch times for The Medium game corresponding with your location:

When Will The Medium Launch?

The Medium Game Global Release Timings
The Medium Game Global Release Timings

Here are the following launch times for The Medium game:

  • Los Angeles: January 28th, 9 AM PST
  • New York: January 28th, 12 AM EST
  • London: January 28th, 5 PM GMT
  • Paris: January 28th, 6 PM CET
  • Krakow: January 28th, 6 PM CET
  • Berlin: January 28th, 6 PM CET
  • Moscow: January 28th, 8 PM MSK
  • Beijing: January 29th, 1 AM CST
  • Tokyo: January 29th, 2 AM JST
  • Sydney: January 29th, 4 AM AEDT

When is The Medium releasing in your time zone?

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