The Medium Keyboard Controls

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The Medium Keyboard Controls
The Medium Keyboard Controls

The Medium game is finally here, and gamers everywhere are going straight for the controls to rebind their keys if needed. If you’re planning on binding different keys or want to know what The Medium’s keyboard controls are, let’s take a look.

Keyboard Controls For The Medium

Keyboard Controls For The Medium Video Game
Keyboard Controls For The Medium Video Game.

Here are the Medium’s keyboard controls. If you’d like to see the game’s gamepad controls, click here.

W: Forward

S: Backward

D: Right
A: Left

E: Climb

L. Shift: Hold to run

C: Toggle sneak

F: Hold for out of body experience

L. Alt: Hold to hold breath

Esc: Pause menu

Tab: Inventory

Left-click: Interact in the material world

Right-Click: Interact in the spirit world

R: Transcription

Q: Back

L. Ctrl: Hold for insight

Scroll: Hold down for spirit shield

Spacebar: Hold down for spirit blast

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