The Medium Game Walkthrough: Part Two

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The Medium Game Walkthrough Part Two

It’s time to make your way to Niwa resort and follow the trail from the mysterious caller. Marianne has had little time to mourn the loss of Jack. She must head to the Niwa resort to find out who Thomas is.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Get Through The Gate

After receiving the call to head to Niwa, you watch a short scene with Marianne driving to the resort. When you hop off the bicycle, you get control of Marianne. The first thing you want to do is check the door.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Standing For The Gate Trying To Get In

You’ll notice a lock on the door. Your first instinct would be to check the inside of the guard building. However, there’s nothing in there but a postcard. You’ll want to go down the path between the short wall and the guard office.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Standing Checking The Guard Office

When you walk down the path you’ll see a dumpster. You don’t need to move this one. Simply climb on top of it and climb over the wall.

The Medium Game - Marianne - It Used To Be A Government Owned Vacation Resort

When you get to the other side you’ll get some dialogue as you get to run for the first time.

The Medium Game - Marianne - Running Through The Former Vacation Resort

Get to the end of the paved road and jump down. You’ll see a dilapidated stairway you can jump down.

The Medium Game - Marianne Moving Through The Forest Toward Niwa Resort

As you’re moving through the forest towards Niwa resort, you’ll run into a few forks in the road. Go down each path.

The Medium Game - Marianne - People Can Be Such Bastards Sometimes

Some are dead ends that have a some back history of the Niwa Resort.

The Medium Game - Marianne Running Through Forest Activate Insights

If you ever get lost, you can activate insight to see footsteps that will guide you in the right direction.

The Medium Game - There Is A Tree With a Handprint On It

There’s a tree along the way that has a child’s handprint if you have your insight on.

The Medium Game - Running Past A Fort

Eventually, you’ll run into a fort. You’ll learn the fort had an accident or construction halted because they dug up some bodies.

The Medium Game - Marianne - If A Place Had A Story To Tell

When you enter, you’ll enter your first dual-reality gameplay area. Whenever an area has a story to tell Marianne’s spirit world activates.

The Medium Game - Entering The Fort In Dual Reality

Continue into the fort where you’ll see a fuse box without power. You’ll notice in the spirit world, that there’s a way to power it. However, you’ll need to gather energy from a spirit well.

The Medium Game - Marianne - But Even In The Deepest Darkness Light Can Linger

Head to the left (if you’re facing the fuse box) and go down the hallway. In the spirit world, you’ll see a well. However, in the real world, you’ll just see a collapsed tunnel. Maybe these are the spirits of the dead killed during construction or unearthed?

The Medium Game Guide - Charging A Spirit Blast - Let Go To Unleash

After clicking on the spirit well, you’ll gather energy. Bring this energy back to the fuse box. Use your spirit blast to power it in the spirit world. Now, it’ll have power so you can continue towards Niwa Resort.

The Medium Game Guide - Find Thomas - Make Your Way Deeper Into The Resort

If you go to the right of the fuse box, you’ll see a picture of a young girl playing with a ball.

Who could it be?

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