The Medium Game Stuck On 99% Download

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The Medium Game Stuck On 99% Download
The Medium Game Stuck On 99% Download

Depending on when The Medium released in their time zone, some people woke up bright and early while others stayed up late. However, if you preloaded the Medium, you won’t see a big green button to play (on Steam); you’ll see a download button.

If you click the download button, you’ll notice the game will get “stuck” at 99%. What’s the issue here?

Why Is The Medium Stuck At 99% Download?

The Medium Game Stuck at 99% While Downloading from Steam

Even if you preloaded the game, extracting the game files for The Medium will take some time. While some players on other platforms are playing the game now, some Steam players are stuck at 99%.

However, we wouldn’t suggest canceling the download, deleting the local files, and trying a fresh reinstall of The Medium because you’re not actually “stuck,” The Medium is simply rewriting files. Unfortunately, this file decryption will take some time, so grab another cup of coffee (if you haven’t already), and be ready to play The Medium once it’s done.

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