The Latest Godfall Gameplay Trailer Offers a New Look at Combat

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godfall video game
godfall video game

Among all the exclusive games that PS5 will receive, the most anticipated one is Godfall. It is one of the great games that are usually presented in all Sony presentations.

The action RPG from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software wanted to show its in-depth combat system. To be specific, it shows us how we will play with powerful combos against creatures and other types of enemies.

The New Godfall Gameplay Video

During the recent State of Play program of PS4 and PS5 games, Counterplay Games has presented an extensive video of Godfall. From what we have been able to see once again, the action seems quite hectic and looks great.

Its promising ‘loot slasher,’ was explaining the different mechanics and keys of the game universe to anticipate its premiere at the end of the year. If you have already been attentive to all his news, there is not much to discover in the trailer.

However, if you are not very familiar with the gameplay, it is an excellent summary of what it has to offer.

As you can see in the gameplay, the game was captured from a PlayStation 5. It is confirmed that it will not have microtransactions. Also, this looter slasher style game will have 5 classes of warriors, each with a unique style and weapon.

What Godfall Has to Offer

Godfall puts us in the shoes of one of the few warriors capable of wearing Valorian armor. It is a unique set that transforms its wearer into an unstoppable warrior.

The objective of the game is to unlock new equipment to become even more powerful, master the combat mechanics, and apply all our knowledge and improvements to reach the top of the spire. It is where a deranged god awaits us.

But getting there is not easy. First, we will have to fully explore the different elemental planes (earth, water, air, and fire.)

Around them, we will be massacring all kinds of monster hordes to improve our character in the process. And in case you were wondering, its developer provides a full launch game and without any microtransaction inside.

So, you can think of it as a loot-oriented RPG, or hack and slash action game. Godfall is described as a “looter slasher,” where the developers have combined the progression system of a loot game.

Like Borderlands 3, it has a third-person melee combat system. So far, Counterplay Games has revealed that there are five classes in the game, each with an affinity to a specific weapon.

What we know so far are long and double swords, staves, hammers, and giant swords. Of course, each of them has unique abilities. Hence, you will end up choosing the one you like the most.

For now, everything we have seen of Godfall has left us with excellent feelings. Godfall is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC later this year. So, make sure you don’t miss the next update from Gamedom!

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