The Last Of Us 2 Is The Best-Selling Game In Its Premiere In The UK

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The Last Of Us Part II Collectors Edition PS
The Last Of Us Part II Collectors Edition PS

The Last of Us 2 was officially released just a couple of days ago. However, it now becomes one of the biggest moments in Naughty Dog history. Although the game had always had high expectations, unexpected problems, it is on the way to becoming a historic PlayStation hit.

Best-Selling Games in The UK

As you can see, although at the moment we do not have exact figures, we can confirm three things have regarding the launch of The Last of Us 2 :

  • It is the best premiere of a Sony video game in the UK, beating Uncharted 4 by 1% on its physical sales alone – and digital sales are expected to account for a significant portion of its total.
  • It is the best premiere in 2020 in the UK, surpassing even the initial data of Animal Crossing: New Horizons by 40%.
  • These sales are 76% higher than PS3’s The Last of Us

There are no other updates in the last week. Although Pokémon Sword climbs sales to No. 9, while Animal Crossing: New Horizon game drops for the first time since its top-ten launch at No. 12. Doom Eternal returns at lists in position 21, thanks to the promotions of some stores.

The truly shocking thing about this release of The Last of Us 2 is that the record mentions have been comfortably achieved, with a slight margin over the titles that previously held them.

It manages to be the most important physical release of the year. The sales are 40% more than what was achieved by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was the most successful in 2020. Sales for the Naughty Dog game are around 194,000 or 195,000 units. Interestingly, the Switch game has broken out of the top ten in the UK this week, for the first time since it hit stores in March.

Also, remember that at this point, Sony’s most successful game in Europe is still Marvel’s Spider-Man, which managed to sell a total of 3.3 million copies in just three days.

In that sense, we should not rule out that The Last of us 2, which is apparently on its way to leaving the superhero behind, could even reach four million copies sold in the same period.

In the list, published by GamesIndustry, we also see the reappearance of Pokemon Sword. This game has increased its sales by 22% compared to the previous week. Thanks to the publication of the first game expansion.

Here are the top ten for the week in the UK:

Image credit; Naughty Dog.

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