The Hype For The Party Animals Game Is Very Real

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The Hype For The Party Animals Game Is Very Real
The Hype For The Party Animals Game Is Very Real

As quickly as Party Animals came into our lives with a demo, it left without a trace. A new demo version that had new maps, weapons, and characters dropped on October 4th, 2020, and quickly left a hole in our hearts on October 13th. We haven’t been the same ever since. It was like giving us a piece of candy, then taking it away as soon as it started getting good, and Twitter is still reeling.

Why Is The Hype For Party Animals So Real?

Leave it to YouTube or Twitch to make a game popular. That’s why Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was so popular for the month or two after it was released. However, the vanity quickly fell off, and hardly anyone talks about it anymore.

While the hype for Party Animals looks to be very real, we’re worried it will follow the same fate as Fall Guys. Sure, it was the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game in history, but now, it barely makes a dent in Twitch. Maybe it’s because the game was only available to PlayStation or PC players? Maybe the Xbox and Mobile players can revive the game? Maybe it was because the game grew so quickly that, when they couldn’t handle the influx of players on their servers, it started getting review-bombed? Whatever the reason, Fall Guys has fallen off our radars. Us gamers have a very short attention span anyway.

We’re hoping Party Animals has enough content for it not to be a niche game Twitch streamers and YouTubers play for the first five minutes, getting their viewers to play it, then moving on to the next game.

Party Animals is a hilarious and cute, physics-based fighting game, similar to Fall Guys except, instead of beans, we’re playing as animals. Instead of racing each other, we’re teaming up to beat the snot out of each other.

For now, we’ll have to keep waiting on Party Animals’ Steam page and waiting for the release date to stop saying “TBA.”

Are you excited about Party Animals?

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