The Hello Neighbor Game Series Is Expanding With Hello Engineer

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The Hello Neighbor Game Series Is Expanding With Hello Engineer
The Hello Neighbor Game Series Is Expanding With Hello Engineer

Who would have thought 2017’s positively-reviewed stealth horror game “Hello Neighbor” would lead to an entire game universe from the publisher tinyBUILD? In Hello Neighbor, you play as a child trying to figure out what’s going on in your neighbor’s basement. While that sounds easy enough, the neighbor’s AI is set up to counter your every move. Not only that, but his AI evolves to learn from every move you make. TinyBUILD expanded the universe with Secret Neighbor in 2019 and Hello Neighbor 2. Now it looks like tinyBUILD is opening up Golden Apple, an abandoned amusement park with a dark secret.

What Is Hello Engineer?

Hello Engineer Video Game

A group of smart children in an Inventor’s Club finds themselves in an abandoned amusement park to gather old parts for an invention. Unfortunately, it looks like everyone’s favorite strange neighbor is there to put a wrench in their plans.

Players must help the children escape using scraps they find around the amusement park to create everything from mechanical vehicles to creatures. Be as creative as possible to escape!

Will Hello Engineer Have Multiplayer?

Hello Engineer

Can you imagine trying to control a group of children in an abandoned amusement park with all the moving parts all by yourself? Team up with friends and see what you can create, but what if you want to see who is the most creative? Hello Engineer will have a PvP mode where players can put their best ideas against each other. Having both PvP and PvE mode with Hello Engineer is great for those who want to switch it up.

Will Hello Engineer Have A Sandbox Mode?

Hello Engineer

Of course, you don’t need the anxiety of dealing with a strange neighbor or against other players. Hello Engineer will have a creative sandbox mode with unlimited resources where you can create whatever you want. There will also be a “Challenges Mode” where players make different challenging builds with only a limited number of resources.

The Hello Neighbor game universe is expanding, will you be a part of it?

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