The Creator of Visage Knows We Hate Little Girl Ghosts

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Let’s get this out of the way: we hate little girl ghosts.

We don’t care about little boy ghosts. In fact, they’re almost comical. Remember when The Grudge movie came out, and we all thought the little boy ghost there was hilarious because he could meow like a cat? We told ourselves, “Okay, this movie isn’t going to be bad,” until we saw Kayako distort her body and crawl down the stairs like a possessed ragdoll.

When Did We Start To Hate Little Girl Ghosts?

Many of us started to strongly dislike the concept of dead young ghost girls when we met the Grady Twins in the 1980 movie, The Shining. There was something so extremely creepy about the twins in the movie. They weren’t malicious but seeing their murdered corpses when Danny was riding around with his tricycle did put us off for many years.

Sadako, from The Ring, while not exactly a little girl, was still 19 years old and crawling out of television sets to give people heart attacks. She gave us heart palpitations, too, and is most likely the reason why no one ever answers their phones anymore. Thank goodness for texting.

SadSquare Studio Knows How Much We Hate Little Girl Ghosts

Not only did SadSquare Studio give us a yurei-style ghost, but they made her as young as they can be for that extra level of creepiness.

Yes, putting her in a blood-soaked white sundress is creepy, but they also gave her an insanely morbid backstory where she kills herself by ripping off her own jaw. You read that right: she rips off her own jaw (at the instruction of her demon friend).

When Do Players Encounter Lucy In Visage?

Players don’t have to wait very long to meet this young 7-year-old girl because she is the antagonist of the first chapter of Visage. That means you’re gated by walking around the hyper-realistic home of Visage stalked by the croaking sounds of Lucy. Yes, the same croaking sounds Kayako makes from The Grudge.

The creator of Visage knew exactly what they were doing. Did Lucy’s Chapter in Visage creep you out?

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