The Best Phasmophobia Nightmare Difficulty Suggestions

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The Best Phasmophobia Nightmare Difficulty Suggestions

Phasmophobia’s Halloween update will come with two new ghosts, a nightmare difficulty, and other unknown content. Hopefully, we can also get a new map. Phasmophobia developers reached out to the community to get suggestions on what they would like to see implemented in Phasmophobia’s nightmare difficulty. We compiled a list of some of the best suggestions.

Content For Dead Players

Phasmophobia Dead Players

When a player dies in Phasmophobia. There’s nothing much for them to do than stand around and throw items. One suggestion for Phasmophobia’s nightmare difficulty was to have players be able to help in finding evidence and relay clues back to living players via the spirit box. Regardless, there needs to be something more for dead players so they don’t simply leave a game when they die.

Lore-Based Clues

Phasmophobia Finding Evidence

It’s great finding evidence, but what’s the point of finding evidence of a ghost if you’re not going to find out other things about the ghost. The name of the ghost shouldn’t be readily available on Phasmophobia’s nightmare difficulty. If the name of the ghost in Phasmophobia is already available then, clearly, you know the ghost is there, so why find evidence for it? It would be interesting to explore a location for lore-based clues in Phasmophobia’s nightmare difficulty and have to find out the ghost’s name and how it died.

Adding A Second Ghost

Phasmophobia Adding A Second Ghost

Adding a second ghost would truly put the “nightmare” in Phasmophobia’s nightmare difficulty. One suggestion was that each location would have two ghosts. However, only one ghost will give off clues. The other ghost would only be used as additional danger during hunts. This second ghost wouldn’t give evidence or trigger ghost events, but it will be around to be an extra nuisance during a hunt.

What do you think about these suggestions from the community for Phasmophobia’s nightmare difficulty?

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