The Best High-Quality Posts From Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Announcement

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The Best High-Quality Posts From Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Announcement

While Naoki Yoshida was busy providing us with a sample of new information from February 5th’s Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase, others were quick with their fingers drawing art and making high-quality memes. The community was also pumping out low-effort, yet hilarious, memes, but we’ve already covered that. The posts we’re showing here clearly took longer than 30 seconds to make and deserve more attention.

You Can Never Escape This Video

No matter how long it’s been, you’ll never escape the parodies of this video.

How Did You Do This So Fast?

This was posted almost as soon as the announcement showcase was over. Even the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account was shook.

“Just A Sketch”

Non-artists always look at these “just a sketch” posts and think of the “just a quick sketch” memes:

The Best High-Quality Posts From Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker - Artist B Like Just A Quick Sketch

Warrior Of Light: Sponsored By Square Enix

When the Warrior of Light stepped on the moon’s surface and left an imprint, that’s when artists and memers all over the world started to get to work.

What was your favorite post from the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase?

Teaser trailer for new top-down horror RPG

If you like to stay up to date on the development of the upcoming game Sea Of Trees, please leave your email address here. You’ll be the first to know when the playable demo is available. Check out the trailer below:

Sea Of Trees Trailer

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