The Anxiety Over A Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 Announcement

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The Anxiety Over A Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 Announcement
The Anxiety Over A Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 Announcement

Our bodies have gone through so much over the last year, but our bodies are not ready for the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase coming up on February 5th, 2021. Everyone is speculating that this would be the time to announce Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion. There are exciting times ahead, but I won’t lie when I tell you this is giving me massive anxiety, wondering what it could be. Will Urianger get sick, and we have to do that cartoon cliche of going inside a shrunken submarine to kill a bad cell with a laser? We don’t know; it could be anything! Here are some ideas the internet is already speculating will be announced on February 5th.

An Xbox Port For Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV 6 Character

An Xbox port isn’t out of the question. Yoshi-P himself has stated that they’re trying to make it happen. It’s good news for Xbox players who have been waiting for a port of Final Fantasy XIV since it was a broken heap of Garlean junk taped up into a playable game known as 1.0. Yes, I’m old enough to have played 1.0. Who remembers having crafters stun mobs with their rock throw ability? Anyone? Anyone? Wow, I’m old.

Pack Your Bags For Sharlayan!

Final Fantasy XIV 6 Map Of Sharlayan

We’ve explored almost everyone on this map, except for Sharlayan. At least, that’s what I think is Sharlayan according to this translated map. Maybe it could be our next hub.

Well, “hub” as in a place players should gather, but we all spend our hard-earned money every month to dance around the Limsa Lominsa crystal. Hopefully (if we do go

to Sharlayan (am I even spelling this right)? They’ll have a hub that’s better-optimized than Limsa so people can clear out of there, and I don’t have to step in moist RP goop every time I teleport to the Grand Company (TILL SEA SWALLOWS ALL).

New Jobs

Final Fantasy XIV 6 New Jobs

New jobs? Of course, there are going to be new jobs. I can’t imagine a major MMORPG expansion without one. Some jobs that could make sense are a Beastmaster, Musketeer (maybe something similar to Corsair from FFXI?), and another healer class. I don’t even know what type of healer class they could go with. We already have one that heals by assaulting other party members with cards, one that harasses other players with fairies, and one that blinds us to death, so you know, I’m open for anything.
It’s just a lot of anxiety between now and February 5th.

What are you hoping to see from the FFXIV announcement showcase?

Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase Friday 5 February

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