Temtem Will Receive Kisiwa Island Updates and Many More

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Temtem Kisiwa Island Update
Temtem Kisiwa Island Update

Temtem has it all ready for its new update, which comes loaded with content with a new island, new story missions, 23 new Temtem, and more. As a preview, Crema Games has published a small trailer showing some of the content that arrives tomorrow. The next major update was scheduled for spring, but the impact of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 forced the game’s creators to delay its release.

After a long wait, Crema has announced that tomorrow the island of Kisiwa can finally be visited. There is a new territory full of features that can be seen through this trailer published by IGN.

What Will We Get in The Newest Temtem Island Update?

This new update includes new features, such as chat. This feature will be shown in different tabs and will allow you to speak to any user through. It will also include measures to block other users to help create a safe environment.

Clubs are also arriving, an option for Temtem clans that will allow up to 50 members to stay in it. Besides, it includes multiple customization options for your banners with icons, backgrounds, borders and tints.

There is a hallmark of each of these organizations. For now, they will be a social hub that allows players to come together, but there will be exclusive features for members of these clubs, such as the Club Dojo Wars.

Crema Games has also announced that this new patch will increase the limit level to 58, something highly requested among players. Tomorrow will be when we know in depth all the details of this tremendous Temtem update.

What Else We Know So Far Of Temtem?

The online role-playing game Temtem is developed by the Spanish studio Crema Games. It became one of the latest phenomena on the independent scene with the launch of its Early Access a few months ago.

Its inspiration in Pokémon and the implementation of some twists to the rather original classic formula are some of the keys that have caused its success. Now, users are preparing to receive a new wave of content.

With the arrival of a new area, it falls from the drawer to think that many more elements that until now were unpublished, such as types of objects, tems, movements and much more, will be added.

Among all of them, it is worth noting the implementation of a new Chat. Now, you can whisper, block users and talk to colleagues from the same team. There will be a system for creating and managing Clubs for up to 50 players, in which it is possible to customize banners and a new selection of emotes.

But this is not all, as Crema has confirmed that it will be possible to level up our tems, even more. It is a feature that fans did not stop demanding. From tomorrow the creatures will be able to increase their attributes up to 10 more levels. Although it may seem small, the developers assure that it will be more than enough to know the next evolution of the three initial Tems.

Temtem is currently available for PC through Steam in the form of Early Access. As they had already announced, with the arrival of this update the price of the game will rise.

So, it will be going from $35 to $37.50. Finally, we remember that versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are also in development.

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  1. My son really likes to play Kisiwa Island. Are there any other games that are similar to this in look and price that you recommend?

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