Tell Me Why already has an arrival date for Xbox Game Pass

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Tell Me Why Video Game
Tell Me Why Video Game

One of the Xbox exclusive games introduced in the past X019 was Tell Me Why. It is a new narrative adventure from the creators of Life is Strange, and Vampyr.

The game is characterized by having a transgender protagonist. Today, during the Xbox Games Showcase, a new trailer was presented. It offers the first look at characters never shown before. It also details on the gameplay of the title and dates the premiere of its first episode.

In Tell Me Why, players will follow the story of Alyson and Tyler Ronan, twins who meet for the first time after ten years in their hometown in rural Alaska. The new trailer shows that memories are not the only key to the narrative of this graphic adventure, but also one of the main gameplay mechanics.

The player will be able to use the brothers’ supernatural bond as one of the ways to find the truth about the events surrounding their mother’s death.

Tell Me Why Announcing at Xbox Game ShowCase

At the Xbox Game ShowCase, Xbox Game Studios announced that the first chapter of Tell Me Why would be available on Xbox Game Pass starting August 27. We remind you that this release will arrive on Xbox One and PC, but it will soon be available on Xbox Series X since the console is backward compatible. The full game will feature three episodes to be released each week after the launch of the first.

Dontnod Entertainment claims that gender and mental health advocates were invited to create this story to portray the identities it will display adequately. The study previously stated that they do not want Tyler to be characterized solely for being transgender. Additionally, the studio is also working on Twin Mirror, a psychological thriller that we recently gave you our first impressions.

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  1. Tell me why Tell Me Why already has an arrival date? haha jk. Looks awesome tho thanks for the update! x

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