Tales From Tanglewood Chapter 2

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Tales From Tanglewood Chapter 2
Tales From Tanglewood Chapter 2

She was always so full of life. Nothing bothered her, so when she faced situations that bother the average person, she brushed it off.

That’s the type of person Mina was.

Yuka stared out into the darkness as she leaned against the passenger side window of the truck. The street lamps illuminated her face every block. It’s almost as if Mina wanted Yuka to get there quickly. Every traffic light on the street stayed green and only ever turned yellow as they passed an intersection.

She wondered if Mina was eager for her to visit, or if Mina had any control over the traffic lights at all, and it was just a coincidence.

Yuka’s body language in the passenger seat was a clear indication she was uncomfortable. She was leaning on the window with her face resting on her palm and her knees pulled up to her chest. It was an awkward silence as Michael listened to the radio on low, the radio DJ drowned out by the heavy rain on the windshield and the occasional clap of thunder.

As she watched every drop of rain fall down the passenger window, she wondered if Mina even knew she was dead. Yuka couldn’t bear the thought of Mina feeling any pain. She hoped her death was quick and painless, but the image of her body lying on the teal circular rug in her bedroom painted a different picture. Her face was not peaceful. She clearly left this world in fear.

When they found her body, her eyes were still open. She didn’t have time to close them. Her body wouldn’t have known how to react to her death. It’s as if she stared out into the sky, hoping it wasn’t real. Mina is still there, in the house. Her body is long gone, but her spirit is still there, and Yuka wasn’t ready to process it.

Yuka, the same paranormal investigator who has hundreds of hours investigating haunted locations, was not ready for this one. This truck ride felt like the very first time she drove to a job. It was a poltergeist out in another suburban home. It wasn’t a particularly violent one, but it clearly wasn’t processing its death correctly.

She wondered how Mina would react. If Mina was even there, what type of ghost would she be? So many thoughts filled Yuka’s mind, then, the truck came to a stop as Yuka’s face grimaced in the passenger window’s reflection of a familiar house.

After turning off the truck and sitting in silence for a moment, Michael let out a soft sigh before telling her, “We’re here…”

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