Take Storage Auctions Across Ameryka With The Barn Finders Amerykan Dream DLC

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Take Storage Auctions Across Ameryka With The Barn Finders Amerykan Dream DLC
Take Storage Auctions Across Ameryka With The Barn Finders Amerykan Dream DLC

There’s something about finding old things, repairing them, cleaning them, and selling them back to the general product that people love to do. We’ve been watching television shows for over twenty years, from watching people purchase entire storage units to enjoying experts appraising the value of different items. Why wouldn’t there be a video game where we can do all of that?

Fortunately, that’s where Barn Finders comes in.

With Barn Finders, gamers can take a break from exploring other planets, killing aliens, dropping onto islands to kill each other, or fending off hoards of zombies. The game allows gamers to rummage through abandoned barns and other locations to see what they could find. Not only does Barn Finders give gamers a free virtual pass to loot to their heart’s content, but they can use the money they earn to bid on properties to see what treasures they hold.

At the end of the day, it’s all about putting refurbished junk on the shelves of your pawnshop, but what do we do when we’ve already found everything we could in the game? That’s why Duality Games is bringing us more content with Barn Finders: Amerykan Dream.

The Amerykan Dream will be the first DLC for the BarnFinders game. It’s time to take a trip through Ameryka and see what this beautiful land has to offer. Hundreds of years of homes were built up, lived in, and abandoned, while all of their things collected dust. There are so many new opportunities and junk to find! Not only that but Barn Finders: Amerykan Dream allows players to further customize their pawn shop.

Unfortunately, many gamers don’t have the resources to live this type of item-flipping life in the real world. Fortunately, Duality Games has identified a need to give them the satisfaction of enjoying the pawnshop lifestyle from the comfort of their own homes.

Barn Finders: Amerykan Dream game release date is not set in stone yet, but it will be available for the pawn enthusiasts sometime in 2021. 

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