Super Nintendo World Amusement Park Delays Opening Date

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Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World

In a scenario in which the COVID-19 pandemic had not occurred, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will open its doors on the dates that will coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. For obvious reasons, the opening of this new section of the Universal theme park has been postponed indefinitely. However, they have plans to welcome it to the public sometime in 2020.

The Olympic Games will no longer be held this year. Tourist visits around the world will inevitably suffer a good decrease compared to previous years. Although many countries begin to open their borders, people are still suspicious until they find a vaccine or effective treatment to cure COVID-19. The opening date for Super Nintendo World will also be delayed.

Recently, there are images shared by several Japanese users on social networks showing that the construction is almost finished. Both moving elements and essential aspects of the park, such as its entrance, are completely ready.

In addition to those encouraging images, executives of Comcast, a company to which Universal belongs, made statements about the park’s opening in a call with investors on April 30. In this regard, Brian Roberts, CEO of the company, commented that the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan would take place just a few months after their original opening plans.

For his part, Mike Cavanagh, Chief Financial Officer of the company, commented the following:

“We continue to trust that the park business will grow significant long-term benefits,” they share from the company. “However, we need to pause the construction of the fourth opening of Orlando or Epic Universe at this early stage while focusing on the challenges of COVID-19. However, the final stages of work continue with all their strength for Super Nintendo World Japan, which we expect to launch later this year as well as Universal Beijing, which is still slated to open in 2021.”

How Super Nintendo World Looks on Official Teaser

Previously, Super Nintendo World featured a fantastic promotional video. It detailed that visitors will wear smart bracelets to power various interactions available in the park. Keep in mind that there are plans to build the park at Universal Studios Hollywood in California and Universal Studios Orlando in Florida. However, it has not yet been said whether the pandemic has impacted on the original plans to build the park at its two North American locations.

Nestled in the massive compound of Universal Studios Japan, Super Nintendo World has initially been due to open in the summer of 2020 with a couple of rides and a large area decorated like the Mushroom Kingdom (and other worlds from the Nintendo factory).

Now we have learned that the parent company of Universal Comcast has recently confirmed that the park will open later this year.

Opening dates may now be set for September or fall 2020. Although the latest images from the park showed a much more advanced look than the photos from the beginning of the year. This way, its delay from summer as planned until autumn-winter is confirmed.

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