SUCCUBUS: Prologue Is Now Available For Free On Steam

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Surely, Succubus is one of the most offensive and bloodiest ideas on the console gaming sector.  It reminds us of an adult video game. However, Madmind Studio hasn’t cut the plan. Today, Succubus declares the release of its Steam prologue, and it is open to playing.

To develop the game the right way, Madmind would like to gain input from the players in this prologue. This release is the next move since the beta access has launched last December.

Today, you can play the Succubus prolog from your Steam account. Still, several scenes have been omitted to prevent previews of the complete game, and an optional filtered mode has also been set up, so players can watch Succubus online.

This game is a spinoff from the popular Agony game, a first-person survival game located in Hell. The studio promises the bloodiest combat and a story that will rock the player in this latest installment. Don’t skip Succubus’ first gameplay and find out what makes this project one of the most offensive games we have ever seen.

What Succubus Has to Offer

Succubus is a first-person action fantasy full of blood and brutal combat. We place ourselves into the shoes of a Succubus, a crazy demon powered by greed and desire, who can kill hundreds of enemies in the sky.

As we said before, the makers of the game revealed a prologue of the game. This prologue includes two stages of base content, the Ranking Arena with global members, the central location of the campaign, arms and equipment shop, a bestiary world map that is immersive, and many enemies.

The entire game is not yet out. The developer will be waiting to see players’ input, which is very good, with over 80 percent favorable responses in a couple of days.

Succubus Gameplay

You are the Succubus – a wild and luscious demon who refused the infernal Hades’ wife. The remaining demons accepted Nimrod as their king with the fall of Hell’s rightful kings, for he was the only person who could control the mind of the mighty Beast.

The new Emperor, along with his new wife, succeeded in increasing his own kingdom from the ashes of the guilty to govern the anarchy created by former kings. You cause misery by feeding your appetites and desires, harming others in the way.

As soon as you come across the mighty Baphomet who, along with his force, will get Nimrod’s soul, you are trapped and silenced. Betrayed by your own kind, you have only one essential objective, for revenge!

Succubus Prologue Feature

In this harsh universe, you are the ultimate threat. Teach the rivals that getting in your path is their greatest failure. Consider you the prosecutor and the executor, and battle against the cursed spirits and devils who may threaten you.

  • Move up the rough cliffs, seduce the enemies and escape the Hell’s burning, pulsating cages. Inflict, mutilate, destroy and unleash your anger to reclaim the legitimate reign of the hellish law!
  • Gain experience by destroying other entities and then use them to improve and unlock new, more powerful, and more aggressive skills.
  • Eat the hearts of your enemies, and let the fury wash over you and unleash your powers through pyrokinesis!
  • You can use your weapons and your special armor to fight your enemies. Attack enemies or bone axes, clubs, and other weapons that you choose from dead enemies with your griffon!
  • Massacre your friends, leaving broken limbs and charred bodies behind the shore.

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  1. I was kind of laughing watching the trailer for SUCCUBUS: Prologue because I was expecting the lady to have a sexy voice but it sounds like some old lady with a sore throat lmao.

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