Game Description

Steelrising is a forthcoming action game developed and published by Spiders and Nacon.

The robotic army of King Louis XVI terrorizes the citizens of Paris. Enter the Revolution as Aegis, combat this reign of terror and seek to reverse its path!

Steelrising is portrayed in radical France’s alternative history edition. The player assumes the role of Aegis, Queen Marie Antoinette’s female automaton and bodyguard. The queen desires Aegis to pursue its maker to avoid murders by the robot armies of tyrannical King Louis XVI. Aegis has incorporated weapons in its body, from light-weight guns on its arm to alchemical firearms and heavy weapons.

The game includes spatial discovery with an emphasis on vertical travel. Some elements may be found and used to modify Aegis to increase its power, endurance or longevity. Aegis will have an adventure to the Grand Chatelet and the Tour du Temple. It is a journey through Paris, both old and modern landmarks are available.