Star Wars Squadrons

Game Description

Star Wars: Squadrons is a forthcoming video game focused on the Star Wars fictional world. EA revealed the game on June 15, 2020, and it was released for sale for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on October 2 of this year with the option of being played in virtual reality.

It will also have multi-platform support. So that users from different platforms can play with one another. It’s got various game modes, characters and boats. The first gameplay video was released on June 18 by EA. In the game, you can pick two sides (Galactic Empire and the New Republic), configure the ships (colours, arms) and only play in the first deck. In fact, the player can monitor the airship entirely and briefly transfer energy from the weapon system to the thrusters, for example, to gain distance.

As Motive Studios revealed, these classes of ships will be in the game:

  • Fighters: they are the fastest and most powerful aircraft to fly. They are built to take other small aircraft down and have an energetic harmony between strength, control and endurance. The X-Wing and TIE on the colonial hand can be used on the New Republic line.
  • Bombers: They’re larger and heavier ships, harder to handle. They can destroy large capital ships, but they are sluggish and vulnerable to combatants. The Imperial TIE Bomber and the New Republic Y-Wing are the examples.
  • Interceptors: very fast and agile ships. Interceptors. They are built to pursue ships in tight spaces and control them. Their most significant flaw is that they are weak and not very resistant to an attack. For this, the New Republic will have the A-Wing, and the TIE Interceptor will be included
  • Ships of support: Ships of support are flexible ships equipped to assist and defend allies. In addition to increasing player health and temporarily blocking enemy ship systems. They can supply repair droids to allied ships, for easier removal. You may also use the guns to destroy enemy aircraft. The Republic and the Reaper TI / RP of the Empire will use the U-Wing.