‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Will Share New Teaser

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Star Wars Squadrons Pilots Wanted
Star Wars Squadrons Pilots Wanted

A few days ago, Electronic Arts confirmed the name of its new game, ‘Star Wars: Squadrons.’ After the news, the game shows more details about the gameplay focused on the battles of ships in the purest style of the saga. Now, from its official Twitter account, EA has shown a new image that plays with the expectation of fans.

After the confirmation of ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ by Electronics Arts, there is enough hype from the community to know what this new installment of the North American company inspired by the universe of Star Wars will be about.

The New Teaser of Squadrons

What little is known about ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ is that it will have themes of air combat, ship driving, and confrontations between pilots. The game will feature a single-player campaign, but Squadrons primary focus will be on its multiplayer mode. The main idea is to turn space into a battlefield and for players to fight each other in team matches with the flagship ships of the saga.

While all we have right now is the title, logo, and some gear, the company has shared a couple of new teasers before the official reveal. It published two photos on its official social networks during this day of the most iconic ships of the Empire and the Rebel Forces, the TIE Fighter and the X-wing, respectively.

The presentation, which promises to show the first trailer exclusively, can be followed live through the Electronic Arts YouTube channel. From the official accounts, they have launched a message to encourage fans to be aware of the presentation and also connect it with the theme of the video game itself: “pilots wanted.”

What is Confirmed So Far?

Keep in mind that on June 18, there will be an EA Play event. It was delayed due to the political-social situation in the United States.

That is when all the works in which the company prepared will be exposed, one of the games that will inevitably appear is ‘Star Wars: Squadrons.’

It is still unclear precisely what the game will be, but all signs point to a spaceship fighting video game, and the advancements certainly support it.

Everything points to the fact that this new EA project will be a kind of successor to Rogue Squadron. This video game series had three installments during the greatest boom of the Nintendo 64 and PC in the late ’90s and beginning of the current millennium.

This way, it will be possible to pilot all kinds of ships in the franchise and participate in the series’ most memorable battles throughout its nine films and two spin-offs (Rogue One and Solo).

This video game is expected to have a solo game campaign and online multiplayer. It should exceed what was available in Star Wars Battlefront II 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We will update the latest news about this once the official trailer available!

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