Stadia Pro Reveals Its Free June Games

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Stadia Pro Free Games | Stadia Pro Reveals Its Free June Games
Stadia Pro Free Games | Stadia Pro Reveals Its Free June Games

Now that June is just around the corner, Google has thought that it was a good time to reveal what new video games will be free to get from next week. Of course, these free games is for the Stadia Pro subscribers.

All of them will be available from June 1, and in total, there will be five new additions to announce. Among them, there will be some action, puzzles, adventures, and much more.

Now, we will leave you with more detail below.

Get Packed

We start with Get Packed. It is a game in which we will dedicate ourselves to making all kinds of removals in the most varied places with a good sense of humor. This way, it will be necessary to collect furniture and other series of elements to transport them to a truck. However, the traps, vehicles and other dangers will not make it easier for us.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is the sinister adventure of platforms, puzzles, and stealth from Tarsier Studios. Here,  we must escape from a dark place, with a dark atmosphere and known as The Maw. Getting out alive will be quite a challenge.

Panzer Dragoon: Remake

The Panzer Dragoon remake marks the return of this great classic. The game now features improved graphics and a control system similar to the original. In it, we will ride a dragon. Then, we will go through scenarios full of details with enemies that we must defeat.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Next on the list is Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. It is the fighting game starring these mythical characters in which some of the most recognized Power Rangers will face each other and with villains such as Lord Zedd or Goldar.


SUPERHOT is the peculiar FPS in which time will elapse only when we do it. It has the most minimalist style. Inside the game. we can use different types of weapons to destroy our adversaries at the speed we want.

Why are these games Free?

Like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers, Stadia Pro users also enjoy every month of new free games. We are at the gates of June, so Google has announced via Twitter about the games that Pro users can claim from June 1: Get Packed, Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, Little Nightmares, Super Hot and Panzer Dragoon Remake.

 Stadia Pro is priced at $9.99 per month. By paying the subscription, users can not only play 4K, and up to 60 fps, they also benefit from a more significant discount when buying a game on sale. Nor can we forget the games they give away every month.

When you stop paying the subscription, all those who have purchased a game can continue playing, although it is only at 1080p and 60 fps. It means that it is not mandatory to be a Pro user to enjoy it to the fullest!

Starting June 3, new Stadia users will be Pro users for 1 month. Then, they will have to check out and pay the monthly subscription. Otherwise, they will be unable to play the titles they give away being Pro.

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