Spiders Studio Presented New Game: Steelrising for Xbox X And PS5

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Video Game Announcement SteelRising
Video Game Announcement SteelRising

A few days ago, we told you that Nacon had revealed a teaser for the new project by Spiders, the creators of Greedfall. The French studio has already earned its place among AA developers in the industry. So, we were hoping for a step forward in its next game.

This morning, we reported that Nacon Interactive would present up to four new titles. And yes, we have got a new game! Spiders unveiled an action RPG called Steelrising in style.

The premise is one of the most original (and eccentric) that we remember. So, you’re probably at least want to keep an eye on it to see what it’s all about and whether if you’re interested.

As you know, Greedfall already offered an excellent setting. So, we do not doubt that Spider will do the same with this new universe.

Steelrising Gameplay Walkthrough

The story will feature Aegis as the protagonist. This robotic sword guard will have the mission to protect Queen Marie-Antoinette.

It is the Queen herself who sends us on a mission to search for our creator and fight with King Louis XVI’s network of armed robots. We have to stop King Louis because its objective is to appease the revolutionary sentiment of the French.  So, it sounds as if Assassin’s Creed has met Nier Automata, and they have decided to collaborate.

It appears to be set in an alternate world where humans will have to fight in France at the time of the French Revolution against machines that want to take control of everything.

The recreation of the city will be quite complete. So, we will see ourselves exploring Paris in the 18th century. According to Jehanne Rousseau, the founder of Spiders, they have strived to create an entire universe for this new game to be played as an open-world action RPG.

The game will have more than seven weapons for Aegis. The idea will be to improve your body as we go through the story. The automaton will have mechanisms to take new tools and attach them to your body so that the sense of progress will start from there.

Spiders Studio reveals that the game will have much more action than Greedfall. Of course, it is intended for the next-gen and PC consoles.

What Else We Know So Far?

As Spiders Studios has shared, the game will have the representation of famous monuments of the time, something that will undoubtedly draw the attention of lovers of this time of history.

Besides, in a statement, Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau told people that they are in process in developing a more “action-centric” game. Their side mission is to make the transition between combat and exploration feel more cohesive.

Steelrising will launch on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC, although the exact date of its release is unknown at the moment. However, Spiders Studio has assured that the team will have more news of this new action game.

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