Someone Made A Qiqi Fancam, And We Want You To Watch It

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Someone Made A Qiqi Fancam, And We Want You To Watch It

We don’t know where fancams started. All we know is we’re grateful for them. Well, the internet might not like it when K-POP fans post their fancams, but it’s just the norm now. Plus, who doesn’t like BLACKPINK in your area?

Anyway, we’re going off track because we scoured the internet to find anything regarding Qiqi because, let’s face it: she’s an adorable loli.

Correction: she’s an adorable loli you have to spend an exuberant amount of money for if you want to get her through wishes. There’s no other way to obtain her (currently). If we didn’t know any better, we would think the internet would pit Klee and Qiqi together. We hope they don’t. We don’t need another game where we have to choose which one loli is our favorite.

Qiqi is an herb gatherer who works for Bubu Pharmacy; she doesn’t say much, she also doesn’t express very much, but there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

She’s a zombie.

Yes, Qiqi is a zombie loli. A loli zombie? Either way, people are lining Genshin Impact developers’ pockets to try their luck on Qiqi pulls. Fortunately, if you haven’t had any luck getting Qiqi, a Twitter user by the name of @Felinewarfare made sure you get to enjoy the powers of Qiqi the loli zombie through a cute little fancam with Azealia Banks playing in the background. Enjoy:

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