Sneak Peek Into Possible Prison Map Coming Out For Phasmophobia

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Sneak Peek Into Possible Prison Map Coming Out For Phasmophobia
Sneak Peek Into Possible Prison Map Coming Out For Phasmophobia

Since the developer of the wildly popular and equally terrifying indie-horror game, Phasmophobia, moved “make a prison level” to “in progress” on their Trello board, the internet has blown up with speculation. We’re also not afraid to admit that even we’ve speculated a bit on the possibility of a prison map.

However, we’ve come across some screenshots from unconfirmed sources on a community Discord that we’d like to take a closer look at. As a disclaimer, these have yet to be confirmed as official screenshots, but we’d like to hope they are because they look amazing.

A Waiting Area For Visitors

Phasmophobia Prison Map Waiting Room

The first screenshot we’ll look at looks to be the waiting area before the visitor room of a prison. Judging from the size of the hallway, it would be especially annoying if a ghost were to spawn in here as it would most likely move around, a lot. If this were a screenshot of the official map, expect to have motion sensors up everywhere.

Security offices

Phasmophobia Prison Map Security Offices

The second screenshot here looks like it’s an administrative office. The office looks big enough that even two crucifixes at opposite ends of the room still open up small spawn areas for a ghost to completely disregard them. The desks look like they’d get in the way of running out of the room when the lights start to flicker.


Phasmophobia Prison Map Cafeteria

Now, this cafeteria looks interesting. Not only does it look interesting, but it looks huge. Maybe it’s the angle, but it looks like it could rival Brownstone High School’s basketball court. Most-likely used by guards, a loft area overlooks the tables below, making it a decent spot to overlook your fellow players setting up for a hunt if the ghost happens to be in the room. Expect to utilize sound sensors on each wall to get coverage.

The Prison Yard

Phasmophobia Prison Map The Yard

The prison yard looks like it’s simply an entrance from the truck to the inside of the prison. However, it would be nice to have an enclosed outdoor area that’s considered “indoors” because of the fence. That means a ghost’s room could possibly be the prison yard itself. Here’s hoping we see something different if they want to test areas outdoors, especially if they’ll eventually implement a cemetery.

What Can Kinetic Game Do To Make A Prison Level Fun?

Many people are asking for this, and we’ll ask for it too: multiple ghosts. It would be nice to have more than one type of ghost haunting what is clearly a much larger location. We don’t want another Asylum level where we’re tanking our sanity by just searching through one half of the Asylum.

Electric Jail Cells Would Be Fun

Imagine searching for the ghost’s location and stepping into a jail cell, only to have it shut right behind you. That would be terrifying, especially if you happen to be in the ghost’s room itself. There’s potential for abuse here with Phasmophobia trolls, so maybe don’t let players control this feature. Only have jail cells close during hunts.

A Prison Level Is A Great Opportunity To Try New Game Modes

Kinetic Game has stated they’re not working on new game modes at the moment. It was a possibility at first, but they want to focus on pushing content, fixing bugs, and getting the game ready for full release. However, if they wanted to come out of nowhere with a hardcore game mode, a game mode with more players, or a player-versus-player game mode, a prison level would be perfect to test them out in.

What are you hoping to see with a Prison level in Phasmophobia?

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