Should The Omori Comprehensive Guide Follow The Sunny Route Or The Hikikomori Route?

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Should The Comprehensive Guide Follow The Sunny Route Or The Hikikomori Route
Should The Comprehensive Guide Follow The Sunny Route Or The Hikikomori Route

Here at GameDom, we have a couple of save files for recording video and writing a blind walkthrough of Omori. When we started writing the comprehensive guide series, this was before we were aware there were multiple routes for Omori:

  • The Sunny Route
    • Neutral Endings
      • Something Ending
      • Suicide Ending
    • Hospital Endings
      • True Ending
      • Bad Ending
      • Secret Ending
  • Hikikomori Route
    • Neutral Endings
      • SOMETHING Ending
      • Suicide Ending

We just kind of played the game without any real direction. We clicked on everything, talked to everyone, and explored everywhere.

However, doing this puts us on the Sunny Route of the game by default. If you answer the door in Sunny’s house, do the Faraway Town segments, then we’re headed towards the Sunny Route. It looks like this is the route we’re taking with Omori.

It makes sense why the developers increased the number of save files in a recent patch.

Now, our question is, should the comprehensive guide follow a certain route? Should it aim for a certain ending? You decide in the comments below:

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  1. Hikikomori route but it looks like u already started The sunny route, but everyoneelse guide is so vague it’s been nice to read comprehensive guide

  2. Ay m8, I looked thru the guide and it alrdy looks like ur doing the sunny route. My opinion: do both routes on different files. A lot of the guides on other websites are very vague and dont answer their small questions especially with the Hikikomori route and different endings. For example, I had to look everywhere for the key in sweethearts castle because a lot of the guides just say “in sweethearts castle” but its a BIG castle…. hopefully u put out more detailed ones like this one for both routes

  3. looks like one decision u made in this guide series already put u on the sunny route the Hikikomori route has new bosses and areas the sunny route doesn’t, just fyi

  4. in your other comprehensive guide you already left the first part where you don’t answer the door so you don’t do any of the parts in Faraway town that means the guide must follow the Sunny guide but we need some detailed hikikomori guides on the internet

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