Should Phasmophobia Have Steam Workshop Support?

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Should Phasmophobia Have Steam Workshop Support

While Phasmophobia is relatively impressive for being an early access title, there’s a large ceiling for content. Right now, there are only a handful of character models, ghost types, ghost events, and maps. Having Steam Workshop makes sense for Phasmophobia.

Why Should Phasmophobia Have Steam Workshop Support?

If Phasmophobia had Steam Workshop support, players could create:

  • Custom maps
  • Custom skins
  • Custom ghost types
  • Custom ghost events
  • Custom game modes

There is so much potential for the game if modders get involved in Phasmophobia. It makes sense for the one-person developer, Kinetic Game, to add Steam Workshop support to ease his workload burden.

Of course, the mods would not be official content, but it could keep players invested in the game during content lulls while the developer is working on fixing bugs, server issues, and other problems that come with an early access game.

Steam Workshop is a different entity than the main game and gives players something to do as they create the game as they wish without interfering with the main game at all. When Skyrim released in 2011, the modding community took over shortly after playing through the base game and DLC. Modding Skyrim allowed for years of endless gameplay with new stories, characters, weapons, armor, and scenarios.

If Kinetic Game wants to focus on longevity, it only makes sense to add Steam Workshop support to Phasmophobia. It would be interesting to see what players can come up with. Of course, there’s going to be scary maps and mods, but much like Skyrim, there’s bound to be some silly ones that make the game less scary. It’s really up to how the community handles mods if and when Steam adds workshop support.

Do you want Phasmophobia to have Steam Workshop support?

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