Should Ghost Models In Phasmophobia Correlate With Future Locations?

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Should Ghost Models In Phasmophobia Correlate With Future Locations

The ghosts in Phasmophobia vary from a large butcher to a small child. If the models look familiar to you, then you’re not going insane because these are unity story zombie assets any game developer can purchase:

ZOMBIE Butcher Animations [Unity]

Will There Be Newer Ghost Models In The Future?

Hopefully, Kinetic Games hires original artists, or more Unity assets become available for us. Right now, the ghost models in game are assets purchased from the Unity store, and there’s no rhyme or reason behind the ghost models.

Why is there a little child in a high school? Why is there a large butcher in the high school? Shouldn’t the ghost models correlate with the location?

Should Ghost Models Correlate With The Locations In Phasmophobia?

This is something we can go into if Kinetic Games ever decides to hire original designers instead of using United assets; here are some examples of what we’re talking about.

Any future locations should have their own ghost models, too, like clowns for a circus, upscale resident for a mansion, etc. The model of the ghost doesn’t correlate with the ghost type. It can be a clown in a circus, but it can be a Jinn, Demon, Spirit, etc.

Do you think this would make more sense than the current ghost models in Phasmophobia? We think these are placeholders until they can get scarier ghosts in the game.

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